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Bike Bros. Supported schemes

Cycle To Work Scheme

‘Cycle to Work’ is a government-backed scheme that enables you to make up to 42% savings on the price of a new bike and accessories, supported by your employer. Not only can you benefit from these savings, but the scheme also allows you to spread the cost and help you get commuting! Choose a bike, hire it for an agreed length of time from your employer using monthly pre-tax salary sacrifice (meaning you pay less tax) with no interest and then snap it up for a fraction of its value at the end of the hire period.

There is no price limit to the cycle scheme initiative, however, your employer may choose to set a spending limit so it's best to check with them before choosing your bike.

Please note, the Cycle to Work scheme is only available to those who pay tax through PAYE (Pay as you earn). If your employer does not have a scheme, speak to your HR department who will be able to set one up!

Important - Read Before Placing a C2W Order

Please read full terms and conditions of Bike Bros. Cycle 2 Work Scheme orders.

To speed up processing of your order with us, we recommend obtaining your voucher before you place an order with us and submitting it right away. Please ensure you include all charges in the voucher value requested from your employer, including any commission, fees or delivery charges that are applicable and request a voucher type that can be used at any retailer where possible. Your order will not be dispatched until payment of all fees has been made. The voucher value cannot be used for two separate transactions, and we are unable to refund any part of the voucher value that is not utilised.

What is ‘salary sacrifice’?

Save money with tax-free bikes!

Your employer will deduct the cost from your gross (pre-tax and national insurance deductions) salary. Depending on your salary you could save up to 42% for higher rate taxpayers.

Use our Cycle to Work Calculator to see how much you could save!

Which Cycle to Work Schemes do you support?

We accepted vouchers from the following schemes:
Green commute initiative
Cycle Solutions

Using Cyclescheme and already have your Certificate?

If you are ordering via Cyclescheme, you can process your certificate immediately via our usual website checkout method by selecting "Pay with Cyclescheme" as your payment method, and entering their certificate and redemption codes.

Please do not submit your code via this method if you have already reserved a bike with us as detailed in the method below.

How do I apply for the scheme?

Buying a bike through the Cycle to Work scheme is straightforward. Reserve your bike with us and apply for your voucher directly through your employer.

Please check details of your employer’s scheme before you reserve your bike with us.

To reserve, add your bike and any accessories you'd like to your basket and proceed through to the checkout by selecting 'Pay With Credit/Debit Card'.

Once through to your order detail page, select 'Click&Collect' as your delivery method in order for no card payment details to be required. Don't worry we will still dispatch the bike to you via mail order!

Complete your reservation by entering your delivery address.Be sure to add a note detailing that you're using the Cycle to Work schemebefore placing your order. You will receive a confirmation of your reservation order by email.

Your chosen bike will bereserved for a maximum period of 14 daysfrom the date of your order being placed. We are unable to accept deposits or payments in lieu.

Apply for your voucher directly through your employer, using your reservation order email to support this.

Once received, email your voucher to us at with a copy of your photo ID.

We’ll prepare your bike and get it dispatched to you the next working day!

Please Note:We are unable to hold bikes for longer than 14 days. After the 14 day period, the bike will be relisted back into available stock. We take no responsibility for bikes that are no longer available after the reservation period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy SALE items with my voucher?

Bike Bros. allows the purchase of sale items via the Cycle to Work scheme however, please note in order for Bike Bros. to preserve profitability on “Save on Sale” items, you will incur a surcharge to cover the cost of administration and commission charges if the sales discount is greater than the commission charge of the relevant scheme.

The commission charges for sale items as a percentage of the voucher value are:

  • - 10%
  • Green commute initiative - 5%
  • Cycle Plus 10%
  • - 10%
  • Cycle Solutions - 10%

For any other scheme not listed, please contact us.

Exclusively to, there is no commission fee on vouchers of £3000 or more.

Please ensure you include this in the value of your voucher. We are unable to dispatch any order without all fees paid.

We will contact you when we process your order to take payment of such fees.

Who owns the bike?

The items purchased with your Cycle to Work voucher are owned by your employer and leased to you.

What happens at the end of the Cycle to Work hire period?

a. You can return the bike to your employer.

b. You immediately take ownership of your bike and pay a fee based on ‘fair market value’ set by HMRC.

c. You extend your hire agreement by 36 months for a single small refundable deposit (3% or 7%).

Can I buy more than one bike with my voucher?

Absolutely! However, you cannot purchase a bike on someone else's behalf via the scheme and additional bikes must also be used for your commute.

My employer doesn’t have a cycle scheme, can I still apply?

Speak to your HR department who will be able to easily set one up!