All recycled bicycles come with a one month warranty - a guarantee that to the best of our knowledge none of our competitors provide.

Bike Bros. believe in recycling bikes: we specialise in refurbishing bicycles regardless of their condition. We work closely with the University of Surrey Transport Services Team, who donate abandoned bicycles to us, which we then refurbish and resell at prices suitable for any pocket. All bicycles are subjected to the "Bro Package", which guarantees complete servicing. We also replace any damaged parts and sometimes, bicycles leave our shop with more new components that used ones.

Depending on availability, we offer various types of bicycles (roadies, MTB, hybrid, city, urban, Dutch, kids). We are also happy to look online for bicycles in order to satisfy any particular customers requests.

Just contact us or pop in to our shop and we will make sure to find the most suitable bicycle for you.

Some of the REcycled bicycles, currently available in the shop: